How To Get A Cheap Web Hosting With High Performance? Ultimate guide

If you are looking for the best cheap web hosting for your online projects, here is your best chance. You’ll understand in this guide the real meaning of “cheap” hosting and then get analysis to find the best cheap hosting providers ever made in the world.

First, you need to understand that the cheapest hosting model is shared hosting. Then,…

Make no mistake!

People don’t make the difference between “Cheap” and “Affordable”. So, let’s clear things before starting.

I agree that “cheap” and “affordable” are synonyms. But, when it comes to Web hosting, they have different meanings. First, let’s understand…

What is Affordable Web Hosting?

When a hosting company provides you Great hosting service, then “Affordable” means “not pricey” (under $200/year). It also accepts industry price tricks (renewal fee).

So, even if the first time price is $1.99/month and the renewal cost jumps to $7.99/month, it is not cheap but, affordable. The first-term price is not enough to qualify a web host as “cheap”.

For example, when you pay $24-$86 for the first year and then will have to pay 2x more when renewing your hosting plan ($48-$172), it is still called “affordable” and not “cheap” as you’ll need to pay much more to renew your hosting plan.

A2Hosting for example which delivers the fastest speed for shared hosting is affordable but not cheap as you’ll have to pay renewal fees. Same thing for SiteGround, TMDHosting etc.

Bottom line:

The first year cost doesn’t determine “cheap”. When you will have to pay more on renewals, then it is not cheap but affordable.Click To Tweet

What is Cheap Web Hosting?

Cheap first means you’ll pay less than $80/ year (domain name charge included). Secondly, you must also be offered a price lock guarantee which means you won’t pay 200% more after the first year. You’ll always be paying the same exact price forever. No renewal fee….

So, be careful with renewal prices when looking for cheap web hosting.

Moreover, “cheap” also means “no hidden catches” and “zero cancellation fee. I recommend you to always ask the support about that before buying. If you notice they don’t want to answer, then you’ll need to dig into the Terms-of-service (TOS) to find out.
Again, be careful.

Now, let’s get the real meaning of….

“Best” web hosting

Best depends on your needs, expertise, projects, and budget. But, as we are dealing with “cheap” hosting, it is easier to define “best”. So, let’s get started.

The best here is the web host which is “Fast, Reliable and provide a responsive 24h/7 tech support via live chat and/or phone” (tickets are nothing these days).

Fast means your website loads under 1s and reliable means your website is secure and nearly up all the time.

For a hosting company to achieve that, it must have…

  • The best server configuration (NGINX / LiteSpeed Web Server)
  • The latest HTTP/2 Protocol and PHP7.x
  • A secure System (Application and Network Firewalls)
  •  Virus & Malware Removal (free)
  • Data centers all around the globe
  • A CDN, free backups and…
  • A Redundant Network (to avoid websites’ crashes).

Keep in mind that all the security capabilities above (Application and Network Firewalls) must be offered to you for free. Never pay for them.

If a web host lacks one of those features, please go to another one if you really care about your business.

Another important metric for a cheap host to be one of the best is…

Server’s limitations

The best cheap web host must allow a room for growth on its servers.
By server’s limits, I mean Inodes and Entry process limits.

If you’re not aware, Inodes represent the number of files you can upload to your hosting account and Entry Process (or Concurrent connections) is the number of coinciding connections your website can support without becoming slow or crashing.

More about server limitations in my web hosting secrets’ guide.

A good cheap web host must allow you a minimum of 150,000 inodes and 20 Entry process limits on its lowest plan.

Hosting Companies to Avoid

Please, let me save you some precious time. I beg you; avoid all Crappy EIG Companies as they have become worse over time. BlueHost (find complaints) and HostGator (find complaints) for example are no longer. Visit to find all the companies you should avoid at any cost.

As I know you are busy, I already did the job for you. You’ll find all the companies to avoid and why in my Ultimate Web Hosting Guide.

Coming back to our “best cheap web hosting”, what I’m going to reveal will surprise you.

From my experience over 10 years in the hosting field, only two hosting companies correspond to the above metrics with excellence.

Top #2 Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers

1- FastComet

cheap-web-hosting 1

FastComet is a hidden gem from the hosting industry which has a great server configuration.

It uses the latest NGINX web server technology and has 8 data centers around the world. No cheap hosting company has this record. So, no matter where your readers or clients are located, you’ll reach them with ease.

Server Security, Reliability & Performance

For Security, FastComet offers:
• Free Web Application Firewall
• Free Network Firewall
• Redundant network
• Free Malware removal
Free BitNinja Server security
Free daily backups

FastComet Special Caching

Their SpeedUp Plan even includes 5 additional Layers of caching for speed optimizations including:
• Memcached
• Varnish
• Apache Mod_LSAPI
• OPcach, and
• APC to increase speed by boosting MySQL and PHP loading time.

FastComet servers are also PHP7 and HTTP/2 ready to make sure your online project runs smoothly and securely.

Their speed is also great (550ms-700ms) which means your website will load under 1s. I ran two different speed tests to see how FastComet servers perform.

I used the StartSmart plan (the lowest plan) simply and didn’t activate any caching. I also disabled CloudFlare CDN for the test and here are the results:

cheap-web-hosting-speed 1
FastComet speed test


cheap-web-hosting-uptime 1
FastComet Uptime

I don’t know why the tools reported different results (700ms from GTMetrix and 585ms from Uptime robot).

However, I got A (100%) from GTmetrix speed test; and as you can see, the loading time is far below 1s which is great for a $2.95/mo hosting plan. You will get much more performance on a higher plan (ScaleRight and SpeedUp)

Remember that the tests were performed with no active CDN and No caching on my hosting account. So, imagine what you would get with all FastComet caching systems + CloudFlare CDN…

The cooler things about FastComet are the….

Responsive 24h/7 VIP support + cheap prices with price lock guarantee

It means that you’ll always be paying the same price!. That is what cheap really means.

FastComet Price Lock Guarantee


FastComet also provides you…

• Free SSL Certificates
• Free Private DNS
• Free Application Installation
Free Template Installation
• Free Website Builder (with 300+ free templates)
• Free CloudFlare CDN
45 days Money back guarantee
No hidden fee
• No cancellation fee.
Plus free domain name for life!

FastComet Features

FastComet Features

Inodes & Entry Process Limits

Inodes Concurrent Connections
StartSmart 250,000 20
ScaleRight 350,000 30
SpeedUp 500,000 40

Find the speed tests in real conditions in my Complete FastComet review.

FastComet is the Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Provider for Beginners and Web Designers

Discover Why you should try FastComet; you’ll be amazed!

Visit FastComet to Get your Free Domain Name for Life Now!

2- InterServer

InterServer Homepage

Interserver is one of the best hosting providers especially when you are using WordPress. It is my top #2 recommendation for beginners (after FastComet) and also takes the 2nd place in speed after A2Hosting.

Server Configuration, Security & Performance

Interserver looks a bit like A2Hosting. They use LiteSpeed web server technology on their shared hosting which is one of the cheapest. With most companies, you’ll need to upgrade to a pricier plan to get this feature.
But, as Interserver offers only one shared hosting plan, you’ll get LiteSpeed out of the box on a cheap plan! They even support:
• PHP7 and
• Latest HTTP/2 protocol (incredible for a cheap price)
InterServer offers everything needed for a secured web Hosting environment.
• Free Firewalls to protect your websites
Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
• Redundant Network
Free InterShield Security which is their in-house Security system to scan, track, block, and destroy any malicious attack. And you know what? It is free.

Interserver Intershield Security

Discover InterShield Security here, it is crazy.
With LiteSpeed Server, needless to tell you that your website will absolutely loads under 1s as with FastComet (395ms).

InterServer Speed Test

Tech Support, Hosting Features & Uptime

InterServer also provides support through live chat, tickets, and Phone. Most of the time, you’ll get answered through live chat in less than 2 minutes. The support is knowledgeable and really friendly.
Furthermore, Interserver provides you…
Free unlimited websites migration
• Free Unlimited SSL Certificates
Free website builder with hundreds of free templates to launch a new website in less than 30 minutes.
• Free CDN
• Free auto-backups
• 30 days money back guarantee
• No cancellation fee
No hidden fee.
As far as uptime is concerned, with InterServer you will get one of the best uptime for cheap hosting.

InterServer Uptime

One of their selling points I really appreciate is the price model. They also have a…

Price Lock Guarantee


Like FastComet, InterServer also has a fixed price model. So, the price you pay today is the price you’ll be paying forever! Again, that is what “cheap” means.

Inodes & Entry Process Limits

Inodes Concurrent Connections
Unique shared hosting plan 250,000 30

See All InterServer Features here

Visit Interserver Now!: Get $0.01 First month+10% Discount

These were the two best cheap web hosts ever made.
Sure, there are other cheap options but, it is going to be hard to find one with the same server configurations, optimizations, security level, support, and at fixed prices.

The Best Affordable Option

On another side, if you have a few more bucks to spend on renewals, there is an Amazing hosting company you should definitely try and it is….


A2Hosting Homepage

A2Hosting is a green hosting with the fastest servers.

Server’s Technology, Security, Reliability & Performance

A2Hosting has the best server optimization for speed and reliability. It uses:

• LiteSpeed Web server
• Memcached
• In-house A2 Optimized
• Turbo Server up to 20x faster to make sure you get the fastest speed.

Your applications (WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart…) are preinstalled with A2 Optimized to hand-hold all the additional caching process.

On top of all, they also provide Railgun Optimizer on Tubo Plan to ensure your websites run fast no matter your traffic size.

They don’t lack anything about…


They offer…
• Free Dual Firewalls
• Free HackScan to keep your website far from hackers, virus, Malware, DDoS and other malicious attacks.
• Free Perpetual Security
• Free Malware Removal

For up to date performance, A2Hosting support PHP7 and the latest HTTP/2 protocol which makes your websites load faster as stated by Google.

A2 also has a quadruple redundant network enhanced with RAID 10 Technology.

Performance & Uptime

If you already have a website or blog and you want the best speed at an affordable price, here is your best bet.

A2 delivers the best speed (325ms) for affordable hosting.

No matter your Application, WordPress or any other CMS, you have got covered. You’ll still get a fantastic loading time.


A2Hosting Speed From BitCatcha

A2Hosting Speed Bitcatcha

A2Hosting Uptime

For uptime, you’ll get a 99.98% for sure.

A2Hosting Uptime

Another Great thing about A2Hosting is…

Tech Support

A2Hosting Experience

A2Hosting offers one of the best supports for through their so-called Guru Crew Support. They act kindly and in a professional way. No matter your issue; if it is about WordPress or any other CMS, they have got you covered.

They even provide you…
• Free server rewind backups which is a unique feature.
• Free website migration from experts
• Free SSL Certificates to secure your users’ data.
Anytime Money back guarantee
• No cancellation fee
• No hidden fee

A2 has a different Money back guarantee. While most companies offer a 30 days guarantee, A2Hosting gives you a Hassle-free Money back guarantee.

It means, even after 30 days, you’ll still get a refund in case you cancel your order.
See A2Hosting Refund Policy for more details.

Inodes & Entry Process Limits

Inodes Concurrent Connections
Lite 600,000 35-100
Swift 600,000 35-100
Turbo 600,000 35-100

A2hosting has the best inodes limits for affordable hosting from the industry. You are allowed to use 600,000 inodes no matter your plan. For the Entry Process, the minimum is 35 on each plan. Now, depending on the server load, it can go up to 100! (fantastic).

Keep in mind that theoretically, a 20 entry process could allow your website to handle up to 100 visitors at the same time as most will pause some seconds to read a post.

A2Hosting is the world’s Fastest Reliable Shared Hosting provider for WordPress

A2Hosting is the world’s Fastest Reliable Shared Hosting provider for WordPressClick To Tweet

Here is my complete A2Hostin review & speed test in real conditions to give you more insight.

Visit A2Hosting 51% Discount

Best Cheap Web Hosting Conclusion


When it comes to web hosting, “cheap” means “less than $80” (domain name cost included) with “no renewal cost” (fixed price).

When you have to pay more when renewing your hosting plan, then it is not “cheap” but, maybe “affordable”.

“Cheap” = “hosting + DN < $80” with “Fixed price”.Click To Tweet

“Best” means “great server optimization” (fast) + “free security features” (secure) + “redundant network” (reliable) + “large resource limits” (inodes and entry process).

“Best” means “fast, secured, reliable + large inodes & entry process limits”.Click To Tweet

Avoid shady web hosts with strict inodes and entry process limits.

If you can’t go through the pain of excavating into companies’ blueprints just choose one hosting from this guide.

Save yourself from frustration, time & money waste, and headaches in the future.

Try one from  A2 Hosting  FastComet  and InterServer

Now I challenge you. Try one company from this list and dare tell me the contrary.

Share, Tweet, and pin this guide to help your friends.

Any question about server technology? What is your preferred cheap hosting company and why? Comment down below, share your experience, we are here to share, learn, and help.



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