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#5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Blogging Platforms if you Mean Business

Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Obaro Alidou K.

If you are planning to start a blog, and you are thinking about a free blog site like Blogger or, I immediately advise you to stop. If you wonder why? then keep reading to discover the #5 reasons why you should absolutely avoid free blogs.

Why You Love Free Blogs

When it comes to starting a blog, a lot of folk people immediately think about free platforms like Blogger or It seems brilliant! You pay for nothing! Just launch your blog and the platform owners will cover your back.

They take care of the whole system! They offer you space on a server; take care of the security, updates and server maintenance for free! You don’t even wave a finger. You just focus on working on your blog.

That is really fantastic; Right? Wrong. A free blog is far from being a great deal.

Please, take a seat of a hosting company’s owner for a moment: You have some employees and bills to pay. No need to mention the taxes and regular servers’ maintenance fees.

Be honest; would you then offer free space to start their blogs without any interest in return? Think a bit about it. But meanwhile, here are the actual reasons why I think you should avoid free blogging platforms.

#5 Reasons why Free Blogs Are Not Good for Business

#1. Your Blog Doesn’t Belong to you

With free blogs, you don’t have any control over your content. It can be deleted by the platform owners. How would you feel if, after years of hard labor, Google decides one day to shoot your blog down?

With no reason than “you break a rule” without knowing, Google could delete all your content. Your beloved blog is going to disappear as if it had never existed.

Imagine all your hard work destroyed by a simple mistake you don’t even know. A killing waste of time!

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#2. Your Blog will be Hard to Find

The Internet is a real jungle. There are hundreds of millions of blogs around there trying to figure out. of They have good and professional domain names like ““. It is very important to have your own domain name. It grants you a serious and professional look.

But, with a free blog, you won’t have this privilege. You will instead have a subdomain like ””, “”…. etc (like you are kidding).

These kinds of domain names get lost in the blogosphere because Google considers you like a joker and not a professional. Then, your blog appears hardly in the Search Engines Results even if you have great content. So, it is going to be very hard for people to find you.

Your traffic will only come from friends you know and social media shares. This is pretty small traffic for a business.

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#3. Too Many Limitations

With a free blog, you cannot do everything you want, especially when it comes to customization. You are very limited to just a few templates. Use them or leave. Then, there are high chances for your blog to look like millions of others on the web.

In addition, you have no real settings (just some colors to adjust). No free plugins to add some cool functionalities to your blog. You consume what the platform offers you. Like it or hate it. 

Also, if by misfortune, it happened to you to desire more functionalities, they will cost you an entire arm. In most cases, it’ll cost you much more than if you had opted for the paid option from the beginning.

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#4. You’ll Break the bank for Switching

Sooner or later, you will need more freedom, customizations, and functionalities. Then, you’ll have no other choice than switching to an effective platform with extended functionalities (A web host + self-hosted

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Unfortunately, the migration process from a free blogging platform to a paid one is complex. You run a high risk to lose a huge part of your data. So, you will need to pay someone a hefty amount of money ($100+) to do it (if you don’t know how).

And this is just the migration fee. In addition, you’ll now have to pay for your hosting fee. Oh, have I mentioned that this migration process could take more than 36 hours in some cases?! Plus you could lose your files even though you paid for that migration. Waste of time and money.

Please, you could have just started a money making blog with your own professional domain name for as low as $2.95/month (custom domain name + free SSLs + VIP support included).

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#5. Someone else will be making money on your back

Here is the worst reason why you should run away from free blogs. Indeed, free platform owners reserve the right to post ads on your blog. You could wake up one day and see your site flooded with advertisements!

Having no control over these ads and you won’t get a penny in return. You work, and other people benefit from your hard work. It is sad, but, what do you want? It is a free blog and the platform owners have some bills, taxes, and employees to pay!

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Remember this famous internet say: 

If you are not paying for the product you use, then you are the product”.

Final Thoughts on Free Blogs

If you want to start a blog only for fun or just to see how it works, only then could you try free blogging platforms. But still, keep in mind that you don’t own your work.

On the other hand, if your blog is going to become a business (you want to make money from it), or is going to represent your brand, then, avoid free blogs. You’ll need full control over your content and face full functionalities requirements that they can’t offer you.

Please, a professional blog will cost you less than $5/month! Launch a blog that you can fully benefit from! You will have all the necessary functionalities to run your blog like a charming business.

You could one day turn your blog into e-commerce if you want with only a few clicks.

Some Recommendations

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What are you waiting for? Make your choice and start your online journey in the best way, my friend!

Now I want you to know that everything is not about me, but about you.

So, what do you think about free blogs? Share your experience in the comments below.

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