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Are you tired of paying a huge amount of money to your hosting provider despite the bad service provided? If yes, welcome to this review.

I’m a small business owner. That means I have a very tight budget and still want a good host with great uptime and fantastic speed at the lowest cost to start my online presence. And magically, I have found one that has fulfilled my needs and that is why I decided to share my experience with you today.

FastComet Shared Hosting Review: Best Cheap WordPress Host for Beginners and Web Designers.

Please let me tell you some lines about FastComet before we start.

Introduction to FastComet Hosting

FastComet is one of the rare independently owned companies that try their best to provide high-end services and great customer support to their clients.

FastComet has just started in 2012 and that is why the following thing impressed me: they own and operate 8 datacenters (Dallas, Chicago, Newark, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, andccc Singapore). Yes, you read it- 8 datacenters! So, no matter your location, you’ll not count slow loading time.

FastComet has thousands of customers in more than 78 countries around the globe. They offer a variety of services including Shared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated, WordPress Hosting, and domain name registration.

Apart from their knowledgeable and responsive support team, they only use pure SSD drives and NGINX Server Technology to deliver one of the best speeds around there.

Their main objective is to provide innovative service level and best support at an affordable price.

FastComet Review: I have dug out a Fast, Cheap Hosting Providers that beats BlueHost, HostGator and iPage.

Why should you Host with FastComet?

fastcomet review- best shared hosting for beginners-10 reasons to choose fastcomet

Like I said in the title, BlueHost, iPage and HostGator are no longer. They have all been bought off by EIG (Endurance International Group), a big conglomerate with a terrible reputation into the hosting industry. I will never trust them again and here is why.

Despite the small number of files (50,000 inodes) allowed, BlueHost was a perfect Host for beginners. Great uptime, good speed, and very knowledgeable support. It was my favorite hosting provider. But, since they have been bought by EIG, their services got bad.

In fact, EIG runs most of the big hosting companies (80+companies), and it continues to buy new ones.

So what makes them so terrible?

After they purchase a host, they dismiss the support team, cease investing in new technology, and use the revenue to increase advertising and dispatch the rest into payouts to shareholders. In every case, the reputation of the host takes a dramatic fall.

Now let’s get back to our business.

Why should you choose FastComet?

Pros of FastComet

There are countless reasons why I think you should trust FastComet as your next hosting provider over EIG’s big names and any other hosting from the same price range.

#1. Rocking Uptime

The first thing that drew my attention on their website is this beautiful graph.

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners-comparison

I was then curious to test FastComet because I Knew all the companies on this graph.

FastComet guarantees 99.99% uptime. When the uptime is lower than 99%, it means you will lose a bunch of visitors because your website will often be unavailable which is bad for business.  A 99.99% uptime results to a weekly downtime of fewer than 1m 1s.

With this promise from FastComet, I couldn’t help testing them. And surprisingly, their uptime Blew my mind. I ran a test for 90 days and during that time, my website was 100% online. 100% Uptime!

#2. Latest Server Technology (NGINX Server Technology + HTTP/2 + PHP7) + Pure SSD Drives for Speed

When you use the old traditional Hard Disc Drives (HDD) to host your websites, they run slowly. This slowness can highly affect your Search Ranking Score (or SEO).

FastComet understood that and only uses SSD Drives. It helps increase your website speed up to 300% according to them. Once again, they make a big promise on the next graph.

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners-speed comparison

Quite a challenging promise yeah (395 ms). So, as always, I ran a speed test and here are the results.

Honestly, I had some doubts at the beginning until I destroyed my GTmetrix score. And it’s only then I started to trust FastComet. My GTmetrix score went from B to A. don’t believe me? Just look at the screenshots below.

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners-speed before
GTmetrix score before I migrated to FastComet

This was my website speed before I migrated to FastComet. Now let’s see what happened after I joined FastComet. For the test, I totally changed my blog design to a more complex one with flashy colors just to see if their servers could handle it. Here are the results.

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners-GTmetrix speed score
My GTmetrix Score after I migrated to FastComet

This was from Canada. Now, let’s see the speed score from the USA.

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners-GTmetrix speed score from USA
FastComet loading time from Dallas USA

As you can see, I got 0.8s loading time; that is quite an instant loading time!

You need more before your trust?!

Ok! let’s talk about the Time To First Byte (TTFB). TTFB is the time a server takes to deliver the first string of information. I did a test to see how long does  my FastComet server take to deliver the first byte, and here is the result:

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners- Webpage speed score

On the screenshot, you can see that my site got “A” for almost everything. The only downside is about me. I didn’t activate CloudFlare CDN, and I also didn’t compress any image. That is why you see the “D” mark for “Compress Image”. Apart from that, everything is quite fast (Time to first byte “TTFB=0.372s”).

I know that it is not the fastest, but 0.8s (800ms) loading time for only $2.95/month is fantastic.

How does FastComet achieve that?

In addition to SSD Drives, FastComet support the latest server technologies such as NGINX, HTTP/2, and PHP7 to supply you with the best tools to make your website fly.

#3. Cheap Prices

One of FastComet’s main selling points other than high-end hardware, Software technology, and responsive support, is the price. They offer three shared plans StartSmart, ScaleRight and SpeedUp priced respectively at $2.95/month, $5.95/month and $9.95/month.

Their Cloud VPS is more pricey but that is normal as it offers more resources and is fully managed. But don’t be scary as you will need them when you have a very large audience ( around 1,000,000 visits/month).

#4. Price Lock Guarantee

Most of the big brands in the hosting industry will give you a discounted price for your first time purchase. And then, when it comes to renewing your plan, they break your bank by charging you 300%-500% more than the initial price.

Example: SiteGround charges you $3.95/month ($47.4/year) for your first time billing. Great! Isn’t it?- But on renewal, you are charged $11.95/month ($143.4/year)-they break the bank- not affordable as it appeared. Same goes for HostGator.

So, unlike these hosting providers who give us economic dizziness on renewals, FastComet offers a fixed Pricing model. The price you pay today is the price you’ll pay tomorrow. You’ll always pay the exact same price to renew your plan. No need to break the bank.

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners-Prices-price lock guarantee

#5. Free SSL for all your Websites

FastComet Review- Free SSL Certificates

Google announced a deadline of July 2018 as the date for when Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure.

A prominent warning will be shown in Chrome’s address bar (also known as the Omnibox), indicating that an insecure website is “Not secure.” This warning will show for all HTTP websites.

Google’s announcement was firm about their goal to warn users of insecure sites, with the intent of further shepherding more web publishers into upgrading to HTTPS.

“Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure, and continue to move the web towards a secure HTTPS web by default.”


HTTPS is the new trend in SEO. So, SSL is a major ranking factor today as confirmed by Google.

FastComet provides free unlimited SSL certificates for all your hosted domains. To find them, you’ll just need to login to your cPanel account and navigate to the Security section.

#6. Free Websites Migration

Switching from a host to another can be a scary process if you are a beginner. Even for some advanced users, it is still a risky process for your files and databases and SEO Ranking.

Some hosting company like iPage will charge you a huge amount of money to migrate your site. That is not the case with FastComet.

They offer you a free website migration from experts. Just ask the support team and they’ll transfer your website and databases free of charge with no downtime.

#7. Free Domain name for Life!

A domain name can cost you more than $15. FastComet saves you time and money by offering you a Free Domain Name for life! You can either choose a new domain or transfer your existing one, for free.

#8. Managed WordPress Hosting

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners- WordPress hosting

WordPress is super easy to use. Its user-friendliness makes it the most popular CMS for making both websites and blogs. If you are looking for a platform to start your blog or your company’s website, there are more chances you choose WordPress for blogging journey or online presence.

That is why FastComet has built his system to run WordPress very smoothly. Plus you have a WordPress experts’ team dedicated to helping customers to overcome any WordPress issue. They’ll support you 24h/7/365 with care and friendliness.

FastComet WordPress SSD Cloud Hosting Features

  • NGINX Server Technology,
  • HTTP/2 and PHP7 ready
  • Pure SSD for your files and Databases
  • Free daily WordPress Backups
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installation
  • Dedicated WordPress experts’ Support
  • Free WordPress auto-upgrade
  • DDoS and Brute-Force Protection

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners- WordPress features

WordPress is not the only one CMS that you can host with Fastcomet. in fact, you can any other CMS (Drupal, Joomla…) or eCommerce platforms including OpenCart, CubeCart, Zen Cart, Magento, PrestaShop, and much more.

you can even host social networks like Dolphin, SocialEngine etc.

#9. Free Automated Daily Backups

Even the best hardware and software can sometimes face issues. What would happen if a major server issue occurs? Or if your site got hacked? You could lose all your content (or your business). It might refer to years of hard work, and it will just vanish as if it had never existed.

To save your hard work from being lost, FastComet offers free daily backups in case something went wrong.

Many hosting providers will charge you for backups. Some give you free backups, but you need to pay to restore your site if something went wrong. That is not the case with FastComet.

You will have backups from the past 7 to 30 days depending on your hosting plan. You have unrestricted and full access to your backups via the 1-click Restore Manager inside cPanel.

Restores are free and can be done from your control panel. You can also backup or restore your website manually from cPanel.

In case you need help to go through the process, just contact the technical support and they’ll restore your website for free!

#10. FastComet Extras Perks

  • Website Monitoring
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • 45 days Money back guarantee
  • Free 24h/7/365 responsive and friendly support
  • 8 servers’ location to choose from
  • Free Ray Media Server
  • DDoS and Brute-force Protection
  • Free Attracta SEO
  • Sitecake 20% Discount
  • SocilalEngine 20% Discount
  • WP Rocket 20% Discount
  • $75 Grasshopper Credit
  • Free Drag-and-drop Website Builder.

FastComet Website Builder Dashboard

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners- Fastcomet Website builder
Fastcomet Website builder Dashboard

As you can see in the picture above, you have 354 pre-made beautiful themes to start building your Enterprise Website in minutes. Very useful in case you don’t want to use WordPress to build your business site.

FastComet Website Builder themes

fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners- Fastcomet Website builder
Fastcomet Website builder themes
fastcomet review-best shared hosting for beginners- Fastcomet Website builder themes
Fastcomet Website builder themes

FastComet Review- Room for Improvement

FastComet Cons

I really like FastComet but, I have to admit that No company is perfect. While providing a high-end service and the best support friendly support to their clients, there is still one thing or two to improve.

#1. Only one site on the Lowest Plan

If you buy the ScaleRight and SpeedUp plans, you’ll be able to host as many sites as you need. But, the StartSmart plan allows you to host only one website.

I know, it may not be a problem but, it would be a great help if users could host at least 2 websites with the beginning (StartSmart) plan as it offers enough resources to handle 2-3 small websites.

#2. $19.95 Setup fee for Monthly Payment

If you pay at least for one year, there is no setup fee. Though, if you decide to go for only one month, then you need to pay $19.95 setup fee.

Personally, I don’t think it is a problem as most people will pay for one year at least. However, as this review is not for me, but for you, I thought it would be important for you to know this fact.

FastComet Hosting Plans and Features

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  1. I really like them.
    Fastcomet is the best.
    $2.95/month and my blog is now really fast.
    Héééé Fastcomet!
    Thanks Obaro

  2. I was with a hosting company that was just a hosting company but i tell you what they were more reliable and affective than Fastcommet my account was suspended so my online shop is offline. but they dont care about my business and my customers. I am now moving to another company but they cannot migrate me because im suspended i ask for the to lift the suspension to let the other company migrate me but no answer. AND BY THE WAY I HAVE HAD ENDLESS PROBLEMS WITH THEM They really suck bad.

    • Hi Marcel,
      I’m Sorry you have not been satisfied with them. But, have you investigated why they suspended your account?
      Have you exceeded the resource allocated? Which plan have you used? If you could give me more details, I could maybe try to help you.

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