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Endurance International Group (EIG): 80+ Hosting Brands To Avoid and Why

The web hosting industry is ruled by 3 main groups: (1). NameCheap & GoDaddy, (2). Google, Microsoft & Amazon, (3). Endurance International Group (EIG). The last one is our concern in today’s post. I will give you a full list of 80+ web hosting companies owned by Endurance International Group and discuss whether they are worth trying or not.

What is Endurance International Group?

Endurance International Group is one of the biggest Web Hosting companies ever. They first started small as BizLand in 1996. Then, they have grown by purchasing smaller hosting companies. By the date of this writing, Endurance International Group has become a conglomerate which owns over 80 web hosting companies including the most popular web hosts like BlueHost (see complete unbiased review), HostGator, Site5, HostMonster, iPage, A Small Orange, Arvixe, BigRock, JustHost to name just a few.

Should You Avoid Endurance International Group Web Hosting Companies?

Yes and here is why… When only few people are crying about a product, it is normal because a company can’t satisfy everyone. But, when nearly everyone is complaining, then, there is certainly something to worry about. That is sadly, the case with EIG owned companies or at least the most popular ones. Just search for BlueHost or HostGator honest reviews on the internet; you’ll find 10x more complaints than satisfied customers. And, guess what? The bad experience only starts after a company is acquired by EIG. The fact is that most companies were working fine before being bought off. Then, the bad days start after they have been bought off.

Wait, What Happens to EIG acquired Companies?

After they acquire a hosting provider, everything starts changing. They dismiss the existing technical staff; stop investing in new technologies, and move clients to their own datacenters. Finally, they take customers money, put one part into huge advertising campaigns, and dispatch the other part to shareholders. The result: Service starts getting bad; servers are regularly down because of overloads, there is no more technical support to troubleshoot clients issues etc. In the end, customers are disappointed. That is how Endurance International Group has killed the most popular web hosting bands and why you should avoid them if you care about your business. Don’t believe me? Just go to pissedconsumer.com and search for BlueHost and HostGator. Also, visit WebHostingTalk to find out how bad EIG hosting brands are. Let me save you some precious time: just follow this link to see BlueHost complaints and this one for HostGator. I could even give you hundreds other links to see the bad reputation they have built. But, it is useless.

What people are saying about EIG Web Hosting Brands

Look at what people are saying about the hosting companies on the screenshots below. EIG complaint-trustpilot eig complaints from experts social media endurance international group complaint from expert    


Is SiteGround or GoDaddy Owned By EIG?

SiteGround and GoDaddy are some of the most popular web hosting companies and also some of the most used with millions of customers. So it is normal to ask whether they are owned by EIG or not. The answer is NO, fortunately. SiteGround and GoDaddy are not owned by them.

What hurt me the most

When you browse the internet searching for web hosting, most companies you find on Google are owned by them as they possess over 80 hosting companies. As a result, even if you decide to switch over a new hosting service, there is a high chance you still choose another brand they own (same hosting platform with same frustration, same issues). The Good News: (1). I will provide you the full list of EIG owned brands, (2). after a decade in the web hosting industry, I have already done the job of finding the best web hosting companies which are independently owned and I list some of them in this guide.

Full List Of All Endurance International Group web hosting companies

Web Hosting Companies

Acquisition Date

01 2slick.com Bought by EIG since April 2010
02 AccountSupport Bought by EIG since April 2010
03 ApolloHosting Since April 2010
04 AptHost 2015
05 A Small Orange Acquired by EIG in July 2010
06 Arvixe Acquired by EIG in October 2014
07 Athenix Athenix Inc. Bought since 2012
08 Berry Information Systems L.L.C. Since April 2010
09 BigRock Bought in January 2014
10 BizLand The former name of EIG. Founded in 1996
11 BlueDomino Belongs to EIG since April 2010
12 BlueFur Since June 2015
13 BlueHost Bought by EIG in November 2010
14 BuyDomains
15 Cirtex Hosting
16 Cloud by IX Since 2015
17 Constant Contact
18 Directi WebTechnologies Since January 2014
19 Dollar2Host
20 Domain.com October 2011
21 DomainHost April 2010
22 Dot5Hosting Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier
23 Dotster Since July 2011
24 easyCGI Belongs to EIG since July 2009
25 eHost
26 EntryHost Belongs to EIG since April 2010
27 Escalate Internet Since April 2010
28 FastDomain Bought in 2012
29 FatCow Since May 2007
30 FreeYellow Since 2007
31 Glob@t Belongs to EIG since 2010
32 Homestead Technologies Belongs to EIG since 2010
33 HostADay Since 2010
34 HostCentric April 2010
35 HostClear Since 2014
36 Host Excellence 2015
37 HostGator Bought by EIG in June 2012
38 HostMonster Sister company of BlueHost, bought by EIG in 2010
39 HostNine Sister company of A Small Orange bought in 2010
40 HostYourSite.com Belongs to EIG since 2010
41 HostV
42 HyperMart Since May 2007
43 IdeaHost
44 IMOutdoors Since 2010
45 Impress.ly Bought in 2014
46 Intuit Websites August 2012
47 iPage Belongs to EIG since May 2007
48 IPOWER/iPowerWeb Since May 2007
49 IX Web Hosting Acquired in 2015
50 JustCloud February 2014
51 JustHost Acquired by EIG in 2010
52 LogicBoxes Bought together with Directi in 2014
53 MyDomain
54 MyResellerHome
55 NamesDirect Bought since 2011
56 NameZero Acquired In 2011
57 NetFirms Acquired by EIG in 2011
58 Networks Web Hosting
59 Nexx 2012
60 PowWeb Belongs to EIG 2006
61 PureHost Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier
62 ReadyHosting since April 2010
63 ResellerClub 2014
64 SEOGears
65 SEO Hosting Bought together with HostGator in 2012
66 Site5 Since August 2015
67 SiteBuilder Part of EIG since 2015
68 Sitelio
69 Sitey Belongs to EIG since 2015
70 SouthEastWeb Since April 2010
71 Spry Since April 2010
72 StartLogic Acquired by EIG since May 2007
73 SuperGreen Hosting
74 TightHost Since 2010
75 TypePad Since 2014
76 USANetHosting Since April 2010
77 vDeck
78 Verio (Since August 2015)
79 VirtualAvenue May 2007
80 VPSLink April 2010
81 Web2010 Belong to EIG since 2010
82 WebHost4Life Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier
83 WebHosting.info Part of Directi, which was bought by EIG in 2014
84 WebsiteBuilder.com Since 2015
85 WebstrikeSolutions 2010
86 Webzai 2014
87 World Wide Web Hosting Also called: PRESSED WP MANAGED HOST. Bought in 2015
88 Xeran Belongs to EIG since 2010
89 YourWebHosting April 2010

I’ll be updating the list in case there are changes.

Reputable Non-EIG Web hosting companies to Try

Yes, EIG brands suck. So it is normal to have a look at alternatives. To help you out, here are the best web hosting providers that are independently owned and beat EIG brands.

FastComet: Best web hosting plus VIP support for beginners and designers

A2 Hosting: Fastest Shared hosting for WordPress and any CMS

GreenGeeks: Powerful and secure Green web hosting for WordPress

Kinsta: High-end managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform

Liquid Web: Most Powerful fully managed web hosting for big websites

Final Thought

Endurance International Group owns 89 web hosting companies. Because of its terrible reputation and how bad hosting service becomes after they acquire a company, it is wise to run away from their brands if you really care about your business.

Luckily, there are great independently owned web hosting companies that exceed most of their brands in performance in addition to being cheap. Just visit each to see which suit your needs and budget: FastComet, A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, Or see our best web hosting guide to find more.

Any question? Have you ever used one of their brands? Share your experience in the comments below. We are all here to share and help. Sharing is caring; share, pin, and tweet this post to help others. Cheers! Obaro

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